Jeff Randle

President & CEO
Dynalectric Company (Florida)

Value Delivered

As President & CEO of Dynalectric Florida, Jeff is responsible for the overall leadership of the company.

In collaboration with the rest of the executive team, Jeff develops a forward-thinking strategic plan for Dynalectric. His contribution is essential to the creation, communication, and implementation of the company’s strategic vision. Through his leadership, Dynalectric has been able to build and maintain client relationships, securing long-term business essential for the company’s success.

In everything he does, Jeff works tireless to help ensure the continuous development of Dynalectric, the professional growth of their employees, and the safety of their workplaces. 


Jeff has been in the electrical construction business for over two decades. He entered the business as an electric apprentice, working his way through the ranks of the industry to secure a leadership position at one of its foremost companies.

From healthcare to aviation to wastewater and sewage, Jeff has extensive experience in a variety of markets. He has successfully completed projects with some of the region’s most notable institutions, including the University of Miami, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Fort Lauderdale International Airport, among many others.

Jeff holds a State of Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractor’s license and is the qualifier for the company. Additionally, he is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professional with a special focus on building design and construction.

The Personal Side

Jeff enjoys spending his downtime with his wife and five children and is an avid golfer.